The Story

Kevin “Jedi” Barton created the largest Urban Music department at Universal Music Group Canada, propelling urban music sales to record numbers.
Barton began preparing for the right moment to launch Soul Clap Records; an independent record label distributed and endorsed by Universal Music.
Taking a break from music, Barton chose to accept the position of Head of Mobile Marketing for UK headquartered global telecommunications company Cable and Wireless in the Caribbean. There, he provided vision and current technological trends to one of the world’s largest Telecoms that translated to an 100% increase in content media profit.

Leading creative teams his entire career and working with new technology to deliver a message has been Kevin L Barton’s core DNA to date.
This is now enhanced by a degree in Film from Toronto’s esteemed Ryerson School of Film. It is now possible to use the medium of film to communicate all the creative concepts, strategies and visual images that have always found their way into his daily dialogue about life. Presenting information in a meaningful, emotional context to create better retention of information and developing innovative ways to engage consumers in compelling transmedia narratives are his forte.

Continuing with a strong understanding of visual creative direction, Kevin Barton has consults clients and oversees the production of original content, transmedia and strategic storytelling for companies and brands.